Seattle based wedding photographer for all lovers.

I always joke about how “I’ll go wherever there are doughnuts”, but I’m not really joking. I’d honestly go anywhere you send me and I’ll be sure to find doughnuts somewhere! Okay now let’s get serious. You’re probably here because you’re on the hunt for a wedding photographer. …Duh, Camille. I love to make everyone who steps in front of my camera feel comfortable and I’ll even hype you up until the wow I’m so awkward (that everyone claims to be) thoughts go away. I promise to invest all of me into your wedding day, and that starts even before the big day. We can meet up for coffee to talk deets, text each other using gifs and memes, or run around with me as your third wheel during your engagement session. My goal is for you to get your photos back and be taken back in time with alll the feels. If that sounds like something you’re looking for, reach out and let’s talk a bit more!
*Photo by Van Gachnang Photography